This is where we'll keep all the extra scraps left over from our translation.  You will
find nothing even remotely interesting, so just leave already.


Witch-Hunt.mp3: No, sorry, this is not our theme song.  This track was created by
chronotrig in his spare time while waiting for the edits to come in for the EP3 patch.  
It's got 12 Umi/Higu tracks hidden in it, but don't break your neck trying to find
them.  After all, this file was posted on the website for almost 6 months before it was

Random Jealousy: Here's a list of the stuff that thankfully didn't make it into the
patch and should never be spoken of well as random bits I found
throughout the web while translating.  These have been gathered since the time I
joined the team in July.  DISCLAIMER: A 'typo' is a ''typo'', so the words written in
this folder do not in any way represent the opinions of the person who wrote

Random EP6: More.

WorldLegend.jpg: This something we recently sent to Ryuukishi and the 07th
Expansion team to cheer them on as they create EP5.  Each of the pictures comes
from a current or former member of our team.

うみねこ翻訳決闘: If you don't speak Japanese, you're better off ignoring this.
Welcome to our Trash Bin